Chinese Medicine Nutrition - Foundations to Modern Diseases

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Fredag d. 6. marts 2020 kl. 09:00 til Søndag d. 8. marts 2020 kl. 17:00


Fredag d. 6. marts 2020 kl. 08:00


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Friday, March 6th: 

Chinese Medicine Nutrition Basics

  • Introduction
  • Nutrition in today’s world
  • Importance of Nutrition in Chinse Medicine
  • The energetic qualities of foods and their effects on us:
  • Organs, Colors, Flavors, Directions, Thermal nature, Cooking, Form
  • Key Foods
  • Case Studies Throughout & Discussion

Saturday, March 7th:

Nutritional Treatment in Modern World

  • Nutritional Diary Analysis and correlation with overall diagnosis
  • Nutritional Treatment throughout Life Cycle: Challenges & Methods
  • Practice: Nutritional Diary Analysis
  • Lunch: Spring Cooking
  • Treating Key Syndromes as examples: Water, Wood, Earth & Metal
  • Back to the Future – Treating Modern Diseases 3600 approach:
  • Metabolic Syndrome – Cholesterol, Sugar, Hypertension

Sunday, March 8th:

Modern Diseases

  • Demonstration: Nutritional therapy on 1 student
  • Practice: Basic Nutritional Treatment (on each other)
  • Treating Modern Diseases 3600 approach:
  • Thyroid Imbalance
  • Digestive Issues 
  • Open discussion: Cases/Issues related to student’s patients


Dr. Gil Barzilay Ph.D Dipl.CM (I.A.TCM, ETCMA)

Gil has a Diploma in Chinese Medicine (Dipl. CM, I.A.TCM) with distinction from Broshim College of Integrative Medicine, Tel Aviv University, where he studied both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. In addition, he has completed a 1-year specialty course in "Chinese & Macrobiotics Nutrition (TEF Method)" with Eyal Shpringer.

Gil works in his clinic in central Tel Aviv and in "Refuot", one of the leading CAM Clinics in Israel. He also teaches "Research & Evidence in Chinese Medicine" for 3rd and 4th Year students in Broshim College where he also supervises the students' final year Research Projects. In addition, he teaches abroad in Denmark, Poland and Finland so far.

Gil is part of the International Community of Chinese Medicine (ICCM) Team, leading ICCM's International Relations. He writes regularly research reviews & newsletters for Broshim, ICCM and other organizations (Facebook: drgiltcm). Gil served during 2017 as the Head of Research within the Executive Committee of the European TCM Association (ETCMA) and is now part of the Evidence Based Acupuncture (EBA), striving to promote better health through better information about acupuncture’s scientific evidence.

Before studying Chinese Medicine, Gil worked in Teva Pharmaceuticals, leading Global Marketing for the Innovative Multiple Sclerosis business.

Gil has a B.Sc (Honors) from Imperial College, University of London, a Ph.D from Oxford University in Cancer Research and a European Medical Biology Organization (EMBO) Post-Doctoral fellowship at the Weizmann Institute, specializing in Cell Death (Apoptosis) research.

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