Japanese Moxibustion techniques

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Tirsdag d. 19. november 2019 kl. 09:00 til Onsdag d. 20. november 2019 kl. 17:00


Tirsdag d. 19. november 2019 kl. 08:00


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This is a day to approach the vast and fascinating world of moxibustion. First, let's understand what’s  the basic sense of moxa and how has been the evolution to reach higher levels of development, efficiency and subtlety. Understand the materials and techniques used will allow to feel moxa and her deep power. On that first day, we will also start to listening the body from the point of view of moxibustion for a substantial increase in therapeutic efficacy.


  • History and evolution
  • Chinese moxibustion and japanese moxibustion
  • The herb. Yomogi and moghusa (process, qualities, how to choose)
  • Smell and density
  • Fire and combustion
  • Classification of techniques. Understanding why and how
  • Effects (energetic and biological)
  • Surface’s palpation. Listening the body’s voice
  • General application
  • Indirect moxibustion (ontake, chinetsukyu, stick)


One step further on moxibustion. This second day will be a day to change our ideas about utility and applications of moxibustion. Let’s to discover how to use moxa as in the classical times and how to adapt it to our modern times. We will enjoy the power of “fire”!

  • Going further and deeper with moxibustion
  • Direct moxibustion
  • Basic technique (rolling, applying, lighting)
  • Evolving the cone
  • Live point. Understanding what and where
  • Palpation. Finding live points
  • Finding classical points with string. Jousetsu-ho
  • Special moxa points
  • Introduction to Fukaya style


Felip R. Piñana Caudet was born in Tarragona (Spain) (1976). From childhood he was interested in the therapeutic possibilities of everything around him and was attracted by all that nature gave to heal. He trained in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Naturopathy in CENAC (Barcelona) (1999). Later, he studied Physiotherapy at the Ramon Llull University (2000) and he got graduate programs of specialization (cardio-respiratory physiotherapy and postural Mézières Method). After sailing for many years in clinical practice and teaching in the middle, he had the fortune to meet Japanese techniques. Later, Tetsuya Fukushima (Japan), teacher of teachers, introduced him to the secrets of direct moxibustion. In continuous contact with him and other Japanese masters like Hideo Shinma (son of Isaburo Fukaya), he has continued the fascinating and deep journey of japanese moxibustion. Now is member of the Tokyo Kyu-ho Study Group and Director of Okyu Gakko Barcelona (first Japanese moxibustion school out of Japan)(www.okyugakkobarcelona.com)

He has published El calor que cura (Natural Ediciones)(2011), a volume dedicated to the techniques of direct moxibustion (Okyu) and Fukaya’s style. Translated to French as Une introduction à la moxibustion japonaise (Springer). Currently still in the clinical setting and he is also dedicated to the dissemination of Japanese moxa techniques local and internationally.

Felip website: www.okyugakkobarcelona.com (in Spanish)
Felip’s blog: www.harikyu-in.blogspot.com (in Spanish)
www.japanesemoxibustion.blogspot.com (in English)

The class is from 9.00 to 17.00 both days. 

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