Five Element Archetypes: Who do you think you are?

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Onsdag d. 2. oktober 2019 kl. 18:00 til 21:00


Onsdag d. 2. oktober 2019 kl. 18:00


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By David Hartmann

Pre-Workshop Seminar: Wednesday 2nd October 2019 – 6-9pm


Every one of us are born with a genetic makeup derived from our parents and ancestors. Within this genetic coding is a set of markers that pre-determines our growth, reproduction and development, plus our sexual maturation and puberty. This genetic make-up also gives us our personality both in terms of how we inherently view the world and then how we respond and react to this view. This can range from someone that is quick to anger; somebody who is too judgemental; a person who is unable to make decisions; or even someone who packs the house when they go on holidays.

One of the best ways to view these personality traits is through the eyes of the Five Element archetypes. Initially this Chinese medicine theory was a philosophical school that emerged during the violent civil war called, rather appropriately, the Warring States Period (475-221BCE). The Five Element philosophers believed that everything in the universe was made up of five parts and this macrocosmic universe mirrored a person’s microcosmic world.

Within the Five Element archetype system there are five different personality types. One of them will be your dominant element; there will be a second element that is a support-act, and you will be a small part of the remaining three.

Understanding the Five Element archetypes helps you understand your patients better too, and this can only be a good thing. I also discuss how you communicate with each archetype.

Acupuncture point combinations will also be provided throughout. Join me for this fascinating seminar!



  • Earth archetype and treatments.
  • Metal archetype and treatments.
  • Water archetype and treatments.
  • Conclude seminar with question and answer.
  • Brief discussion on the three-day workshop (4-6 October).

My name is David Hartmann and I am an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner that lives in Brisbane, Australia. I have been practicing since 1997 and upgraded my qualifications with a Masters of Acupuncture in 2009.

I am a contract academic at Endeavour College of Natural Health, where I lecture students in a Bachelor of Chinese Medicine degree.

I’m a keen researcher and writer and have recently finished writing a textbook titled 'The Principles and Practical Application of Acupuncture Point Combinations'. This will be released in August 2019 by the publishing company Singing Dragon. Prior to that I have also had a textbook titled 'Acupoint Dictionary 2e' published by Elsevier Churchill Livingstone in 2009.

I have presented at conferences in the USA, Germany, England and Australia as well as done stand-alone seminars in the USA, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand. I have a wealth of knowledge in the field of Chinese medicine and am forever researching and learning new things. I also have a special interest in anything philosophical; Western or Eastern; ancient or modern. Interestingly, I am also currently writing an historical fiction piece with philosophy front and centre to the storyline.

I have a blog site http://chinesemedicinehistoryandphilosophy.blogspot.com.au/ where I write my research results down, as well as some of my philosophical musings. I also have a website in production.

David Hartmann

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